NavCoin Staking Pool

Earn up to 10% staking with NavPool

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What is NavPool?

NavPool is a POS staking pool for NavCoin.

Keep your NavCoin safe and secure in your private wallet while we work hard earning you interest.

As a NavPool staker you can vote on all community fund proposals and payment requests.

Secure staking

We are a non custodial staking pool
Only you can spend your NavCoin

Earn interest

Earn up to 10% interest/year
staking your NavCoin with NavPool

Community fund

Vote for your favourite community
fund proposals through our portal

Fully anonymous

We are an anonymous staking pool
We do not require any personal data

Two factor authentication

Fully protect your NavPool account
with two factor authentication (2FA)

Fixed rate 10% staking fee

From January 2020 NavPool will operate
a 10% fee for each block staked

Help & support

Need help setting up your account? Join the NavCoin discord server channel #navpool-support

How to stake

You can stake with NavPool in 4 steps:


Register for a pool account

Register for an account by selecting a username and password.
We will not ask for any personal information.


Add your spending address

Create a new address in your NavCoin Core wallet and add it to your NavPool account.
You'll also need to sign a message to prove you own the address.


Retrieve your staking address

We will assign you a new staking address.
This is a cold staking address that has your newly added address as the spending address.


Deposit NavCoin and begin staking

Send some NavCoin to your assigned staking address and your NavCoin will begin staking.


Open a new staking account with NavPool and start staking immediately.